PMG Company are well placed to support all segments of the aerospace market with an array of components focusing on the key issues of weight reduction


Revenue & earnings growth in the aerospace sector is expected to be the bright spot and driving force behind the expected 3% increase in the global market in 2016.

 Energy  can offer a full programme of components and logistics whilst also offering a fast turn-around on all enquiries and a highly competitive cutting, marking and kitting service which can add considerable value to you, your business and your customers.



The aerospace market can be segmented into the following applications:

  • Aircraft Interiors & in-flight entertainment.
  • Wings, Landing Gear and Engines.
  • Power Distribution.
  • Aircraft Electrical Interconnection Harnesses.
  • Sub-assemblies & Design.

Our products meet the most stringent quality and performance standards for all the major OEMs and Industry Authorities.

We currently supply an array of cable harness components and logistical packages for many of the market leading aircraft manufactures, including Rolls Royce, where the parts are used extensively on the full range of Trent jet engines.


Commercial Aerospace Market Overview


 Energy  can offer an extensive range of cable harnessing components available for use on commercial aircraft and the list below highlights just some of our capability and specialisations.

  • Wire & Cable.
  • Heat-Shrinkable Tubing.
  • Backshell Adapters.
  • Molded Parts.
  • Marker Sleeves.
  • Termination Devices,
  • Splices & Crimps.
  • Peek Convoluted Tubing.
  • Peek Heat Shrink.
  • Peek Braid.
  • PTFE & FEP.
  • DR 25 tubing.
  • Viton™, RW200, RW200E
  • HT-SCE, TMS-SCE, TTMS identification tubing.
  • S1125 Adhesives Kits.
  • RNF100 tubing.
  • Mil-spec wire.
  • Mil-Spec tubing.
  • Multi-Core Cable.
  • Zero-Halogen products.
  • Sub-lite Wall.
  • Micro-bore tubing.
  • Multi-lumens

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