Communications - Wiring Products

The communications market has seen the largest growth of any market sector in recent years. Our appetite for information, along with our need to stay

The sheer volume and complexity of additional infrastructure means that there is a growing need for electronic components to build these systems and keep them running.  At  Energy Company we offer products for use in all of the main segments:

  • Telecommunications
    • Fixed line
    • Mobiles
    • Networks
  • Internet
    • Broadband
    • Wireless networks
  • Consumer electronics
    • Mobile devices and tablets
    • Laptop and desktop computing
    • Televisions
    • Set top boxes etc
  • Location based services
    • Mapping
    • Navigation

Almost four in five households now have fixed broadband.  Smartphones and tablets have overtaken laptops as the most popular devices for getting online, with two thirds of people now owning a mobile device for use browsing the internet, accessing social media, banking and shopping online.

This consumer demand has resulted in a continued and increasing need for products to deploy in the design, build, upkeep and repair of the systems and devices people want and need. PMG can offer products that are specific to this market and designed with the applications and usability in mind.

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