The Marine Industry is currently worth £19 Billion to the UK economy. The government has launched a number of initiatives to enhance the global compet


Segmentation of the industry

  • Leisure Boats & Equipment – covering yacht building, small commercial work boats and associated equipment & services.
  • Commercial – covering boat building, ship repair and associated equipment and services, marine science and technology.
  • Energy – covering related platforms, products and services for the oil and gas and offshore renewable industries.
  • Naval defence.

Products that are used in this market are very wide ranging and invlude:

  • Heat Shrinkable Tubing/RNF100/PLF100/LTF100/PLF103
  • Heat Shrinkable Adhesive Lined tubing/ATUM/PLDW100/PLDW104
  • Medium Wall Tubing/MWTM/PLM100A
  • Heavy Wall Tubing/WCSM/PLT100A
  • Molded Boots
  • Identification Sleeving
  • Marker Sleeves
  • Cable Entry Seal
  • Solder Sleeves, Crimp Sleeves
  • Crimp Terminals
  • Heat Shrinkable End Caps
  • Heat Shrinkable moisture blocking systems/RBK-ILS/Deray-Splice/DSPL
  • Waterblocked and anticapillary wire to prevent wicking between moisture strands
  • Bundle sealing products

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