General Manager

A founder member of  Energy  Company, Mr.Hong has over 20 years’ experience in the PTFE industry. Mr.Hong established  Energy 
Company in 2006, with a view to offering the market place a supplier who was innovation and reliable

Mr.Hong Yong

Marketing Director

Mr.Hong Yong’s good character and affable nature make him a natural salesman, but with over 20 years of experience, he also has a great understanding of the electronics market.

Tian Su

Sales Manager

Tina Su, her career in the field of PTFE & Insulation more than 10 years ago. Tina’s specialises in the PTFE Teflon field after many years marketing and selling specific PTFE corrugated & heat shrinkable products. 

Mrs Wu

After-sales Manager

Our vastly experienced inside sales and admin team is headed by Mrs Wu, who has over 10 years of experience in customer service and administration roles.

Mrs Huang

Mrs Huang’s role within the  Energy Team began through working with Sales and conducting administrative tasks. her work and is now helping to develop best quantity products for every customs in the world,


Allen is a new addition to the growing team at  Energy  Company having joined us in July. Allen has over five years of experience working in the insulation Industry having previously worked as Senior Sales Coordinator . Allen works with the Sales Team to ensure we offer our customers consistently excellent service.

Warehousing and Quality

The  Energy  warehousing team consists of Jie Chen, Youhong Chen. The team is vastly experienced in both the PTFE industry and insulation products  Energy supply. With sales, manufacturing, supplier and distribution backgrounds the team is very well suited to the customer driven environment in which they work.