PA Corrugated Flexible Underground Cable Protection Pipe

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Working Temperature : -30℃ ~ 110℃
Product material: PA polyethylene;
Structure: the inner wall and the outer surface are wave-shaped;
Features: good flexibility, surface gloss, polyethylene is a hydrocarbon polymer, the molecule is non-polar, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion;


Mainly used for automobile wiring, also for machine tool machinery, automatic instrumentation, motor motor, protection cable and wire from external abrasion and insulation; the site has more than 50 years of service life;
Way to use: Insert the wire and cable into the tube, with SM-G, SM series hose connector 


Specifaiction ID X OD (mm) Package
AD7.0 4.5*7.0 200m/roll
AD10.0 6.5*10.0 100m/roll
AD11.6 8.6*11.6 100m/roll
AD13.0 10.0*13.0 100m/roll
AD14.0 11.0*14.0 100m/roll
AD15.8 12.0*15.8 100m/roll
AD18.5 143.*18.5 100m/roll
AD20.0 16.0*20.0 100m/roll
AD21.2 17.0*21.2 100m/roll
AD25.0 20.0*25.0 100m/roll
AD28.5 23.0*28.5 100m/roll
AD30.0 24.0*30.0 100m/roll
AD32.0 25.0*32.0 50m/roll
AD34.5 29.0*34.5 50m/roll
AD42.5 36.0*42.5 25m/roll
AD54.5 48.0*54.5 25m/roll